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Who's In This Mystery Photo?

What’s going on in this Drama photo? We’re assuming this uncaptioned picture  by Jessica Katz was taken in the 1980s, but if you know the exact year—or who these students are—please e-mail us at or call us at (212) 799-5000, ext. 340. Find the answers in the September 2012 Journal.


Last month’s Missing in Caption photo garnered many responses—and a number of identifications. There doesn’t seem to be any argument that the bassoonist in the foreground is Eric Hall (M.M. ’89) and that the oboist is Heather Taylor (B.M. ’87). One person identified the woman at the right in the back of the photo (without any instrument) as Sharon Wood Sparrow (’84, flute). The piccolo player, on the left, was thought to be either Leslie Cullen (M.M. ’87, flute) or “someone named Meg.” The most mysterious figure in the group was the bassoon player in the back, who was identified as John Kehayas (B.M. ’87, bassoon) or current faculty member Marc Goldberg (Pre-College ’79; B.M. ’82, M.M. ’83, bassoon). Reached for comment, Goldberg said that he had also wondered if it was he in the photo—but then realized “that guy is taller than I am.” 

Opinions differed about when the photo was taken, with some saying the 1985-86 academic year and some saying 1987-88. Any more insights?

Many thanks to the following alums for contacting us: John Falcone (M.M. ’87, bassoon); I.T. staff member Timothy Goplerud (M.M. ’84, double bass); Sue Heineman (M.M. ’90, bassoon), principal bassoon of the National Symphony Orchestra; Peter Margulies (M.M. ’87, trumpet), associate principal trumpet with the Utah Symphony; music therapist Holly Mentzer (B.M. ’86, M.M. ’87, flute); conducting faculty member Jeffrey Milarsky (B.M. ’88, M.M. ’90, percussion); Kelly Newport (M.M. ’89, oboe); University of Michigan flute professor Amy Porter (B.M. ’86, M.M. ’87, flute); artist Kathy Canfield Shepard (M.M. ’89, French horn); and Baltimore Symphony violinist Ellen Pendleton Troyer (B.M. ’88, M.M. ’90, violin).

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