May-August 2012, vol. 27, no. 8

Althol Fugard
At Juilliard's 107th commencement, on May 25 in Alice Tully Hall, playwright Athol Fugard will address the class ...More
A slide show brings to life some of the extraordinary performances of the past season.

ToniMarie Marchioni

To be mentored intensely by the Juilliard String Quartet is a dream for many ensembles, and as Juilliard’s ...More

Ingrid Kapteyn

Dancers need a floor to dance on, light to dance under, sound to dance to, clothes to dance ...More
Trumpeter Matthew Jodrell and bassist John Tate
The now-annual spring break Juilliard in Aiken festival of concerts and outreach programs involved three dozen Juilliard music ...

Edward Bilous

Literature and Materials of Music faculty member Edward Bilous is the 2012 William Schuman Scholar’s Chair. This is ...More

Kathryn Peterson

Is musicianship truly enough to survive in the ever-changing and increasingly more digital 21st century? Alex Ross, classical ...More
On Thursday, May 3, Robert Spano will lead the Juilliard Orchestra in works by Sibelius, Bartok, and Canadian ...More
Among the people who joined the Juilliard staff in the 2011-12 academic year are Paul Beck, Kristina Boyar, ...More

Laura Killeen

I feel blessed to have been one of the lucky 28 in this year’s Professional Intern program under ...More
In the February issue, we profiled a number of Juilliard families and couples—and asked others to write in. ...More
ToniMarie Marchioni

Q&A With Philip Glass

Molly Yeh

Doug Quint: The Ice-Cream Man Cometh

Who's In This Mystery Photo?

Zachary Green

Taking a Step Back: The Value of Liberal Arts

A Requiem for L&M?

Markus Rhoten

Derek Stenborg

Maria Im

What are you doing to deal with end-of-the-year stress?

Bruce Hodges

2 Groups Bridge the Classical-Pop Divide

Greta Berman

Naoto Nakagawa: Art as Hope After a Disaster

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Bach Festival (1934); Civilian Defense Music Rally (1943); Rodgers Scholarship (1953); International Theaterschool Festival (1994)

The Latest on Faculty, Staff, and Students

Community Milestones

Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

Scott Aiello

Almost There