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What is your favorite summer memory?


David Hertzberg


My favorite memory is walking through Gustav Vasa’s castle in Sweden last summer.
David Hertzberg, Second-Year Master’s Composer

Ariana Solotoff

My favorite summer memory is from 2009 in the South of France when I played chamber music in the Pablo Casals Festival.
Ariana Solotoff, Second-Year Violist

Charles Yang

Goofing off in Aspen, Colo.!
Charles Yang, Second-Year Master’s Violinist

Maxwell Foster

When I was little, my family and I would go to the beach back home in Australia for a month. We’d spend all day on the beach and eat ice cream.
Maxwell Foster, Third-Year Pianist


Jenni Seo

Last summer after Music Academy of the West, I went home and did nothing. I had a lot of fun sleeping in and hanging out.
Jenni Seo, Second-Year Violist

Alphonso Horne

My favorite summer memory is when I went to South Korea last year with the Juilliard Jazz program. We ate really good food, like bibimbap, and we heard “Gangnam Style” before it got popular in America.
Alphonso Horne, Second-Year Master’s Jazz Trumpeter


When I was in elementary school my mom used to send me camping every summer. My favorite was when I went on a kayaking trip for two weeks. I had only ever been in a canoe, but kayaking made me feel independent for the first time.
Corey Dorris, Third-Year Actor

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