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Has your outlook on the performing arts industry changed since you started studying at Juilliard?


Ali Sohaili
I think it’s more hopeful [and that] there are more opportunities. And I also take myself more seriously.
Ali Sohaili, third-year actor


​Katharine Robinson
I don’t think that my view of the industry itself has changed much, but I feel more prepared to deal with whatever is to come.
Katharine Robinson, third-year actor

Doori Na
I guess I was narrow-minded before. I only thought of performing music, but Juilliard has opened my eyes to performing in other areas, like drama and dance.
Doori Na, third-year violinist

Jeremy Coachman
There’s so much more knowledge that I need to learn that I wasn’t aware of before.
Jeremy Coachman, first-year dancer

Doug DeVries
The insight into professional experiences that I’ve been given has helped me to get a realistic picture of life after school, which is scary, but Juilliard has equipped me to face the challenges.
Doug DeVries, fourth-year flutist

Tobias Greenhalgh
I saw it as a magical world of music and creativity. Now I see it from a professional, working standpoint.
Tobias Greenhalgh, first-year master’s vocalist

Patrick Duff
Yes. Since being at Juilliard, I’ve realized that to be a professional musician, you need to be able to be responsible for a lot of things at one time. You have to be willing to play with lots of different people and ensembles. You have to always be playing at your highest level.
Patrick Duff, second-year master’s bassist

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