Edward Bilous

Edward Bilous (MM '80, DMA '84, composition) joined the faculty in 1983; he is the chair of the Music Theory and Analysis (former L&M) department and the director of the Center for Innovation in the Arts (former Music Technology Center).

Articles by Edward Bilous

Literature and Materials of Music faculty member Edward Bilous is the 2012 William Schuman Scholar’s Chair. This is the first of his two Schuman lectures.
Music Technology Center students are transcending the traditional boundaries of the concert experience. In this year’s Beyond the Machine festival, artists from Europe, Asia, and ...
The eighth edition of Beyond the Machine, Art of Groove, features works using electronics that in some way utilize “groove” as tool for musical expression.
My lessons with Elliott Carter were the high point of my student years at Juilliard. His studio was a quiet sanctuary where we would talk ...
Many performers don’t get to explore the tools of technology until they graduate.