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What song is stuck in your head?


Will Bender


Recently it’s been alternating between “Morning Has Broken” sung by Cat Stevens and the second theme clarinet solo in the second movement of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony. And I don’t mind at all—both are so beautiful!

William Bender, Fourth-Year Violist

Matilda Sakamoto

Usually I get Beyoncé songs stuck in my head because everyone is singing them in the dance studios. Her music is fun to listen to with friends, but since I’m not an avid listener I usually only know part of the song and that one phrase gets repeated in my head over and over. 

Matilda Sakamoto, Third-Year Dancer

Ryan Roberts

Strangely enough, I find myself singing the first movement of Barber’s Violin Concerto quite often. The opening phrase is one of my absolute favorites. The grace of the violin’s first melody seems to be saturated in Barber’s undeniably vocal style, which is perhaps why it always seems to find its way into my head! I can’t get enough of it.

Ryan Roberts, First-Year Oboist

Melanie Williams

Usually anything I am currently playing gets stuck in my head, but for some reason “Goodnight My Someone” from The Music Man is funnily enough stuck in my head quite regularly.

Melanie Williams, Second-Year Master’s Baroque Flutist

Sophia Stoyanovich

I frequently find bits of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony floating through my head. It’s so incredibly melodic and tuneful that once you have one of the movements in your head, it’s hard to escape it! I love the whole piece. Tchaikovsky had a way of writing so that his melodies are constantly developing, never quite settling. It makes his music addictive, powerful, and inspirational.

Sophia Stoyanovich, First-Year Violinist

Jasmine Batchelor

For about two months, a Backstreet Boys early song—a deep cut, if you will—“Darlin’” from their self-titled CD—was stuck in my head, but only the chorus and surrounding backup vocals. I was embarrassed for a while and then found pure joy in the remembering of something from my preteen years.

Jasmine Batchelor, Fourth-Year Actor

Roy Femenella

There’s an aria, “Va tacito e nascosto,” from Handel’s opera Giulio Cesare which features a beautiful extended solo for the horn. It’s such a remarkable piece that I’m always quite happy whenever it’s stuck in my head!

Roy Femenella, Third-Year French Horn Player

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