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In Memoriam February 2015

Juilliard has been notified about the deaths of the following community members; our condolences to their loved ones.

Virginia Voigtlander Baker (’46, violin)
Marian Krajewska Bates (B.S. ’60, voice)
Walter Botti (’50, double bass)
Alvin Brehm (’43, double bass)
Adele Arrance Gardner (Diploma ’47, piano)
Marilyn C. Hanna (Diploma ’44, piano)
Andrea L. Hemmenway (M.M. ’09, viola)
Eleanor E. Kilgallen (’39, voice)
Dorothy Hill Klotzman (B.S. ’58, M.S. ’60, composition)
Stefan B. Kozinski (M.M. ’78, composition)
Marian J. Krajewska (B.S. ’60, voice)
William Kupferberg (’49, trombone)
Josephine Kinney McAndrew (’43, violin, ’41, piano)
Jerome L. Rabinowitz (B.S. ’53, bassoon)
William M. Rees (’51, flute)
Anthony F. Rossi (’53, voice)
Norman B. Schoer (Diploma ’32, violin)
Robelyn R. Schrade-James (Pre-College ’72; B.M. ’76, M.M. ’77, piano)
Arlynne S. Stark (’62, dance)
Richard D. Syracuse (Diploma ’56, B.S. ’59, M.S. ’60, piano)
Paul Tobias (B.M. ’67, cello)

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