New Scholarships a Boon to Juilliard

The arrival of spring is a good time to celebrate the many benefactors who have enriched Juilliard with generous support in the past year. Their commitment means stronger scholarship resources for our new and returning students in the coming years.

(Photo by Todd Rosenberg)

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The Susan W. Rose Graduate Fellowships have been created with a major new gift from trustee Susan W. Rose, who, with her husband Elihu, has been deeply involved with Juilliard for many years and has supported it in a variety of ways.​

​With similar inspiration, the Kayden family has made a major gift endowing the Mildred and Bernard Kayden Pre-College Scholarship Programwhich will provide vital support to Pre-College musicians who will be known as Mildred and Bernard Kayden Scholars. Mildred Kayden (Pre-College ’37), a composer, studied piano in Pre-College as did her son, Jerold Kayden (Pre-College ’63), and daughter, Sanda Kayden Lambert (Pre-College ’63). In gratitude for their music education, they hope the fellowships will give a similar opportunity to new generations of musicians.

The trustees of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation made a major gift in the name of one of history’s most famous dancers: the Rudolf Nureyev Scholarship for Juilliard dancers.

Juilliard was fortunate this year to benefit from several generous planned gifts. The Estate of Natalie Selinger, a pianist from Switzerland and Florida, endowed the Natalie and Bernard Selinger Scholarship with a large bequest. The James D. Rosenthal and Marvin Y. Schofer Scholarship is the result of a thoughtful bequest from these performing arts lovers. Another bequest endowed the Helen P. Houle Scholarship for music students. The Brenda C. Huggins Housing Fund for Jazz Students is a vital new resource. The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women paid tribute to a noted jazz enthusiast and benefactor when it endowed the JFEW Alan D. Cohn Scholarship, an award for female jazz students at Juilliard. A generous trust gift endowed the Kurt and Maria Wolter Scholarship.

The Pre-College Division, where Juilliard’s youngest musicians receive their training, drew the attention and support of several other new donors this year. The Epstein Family Foundation of Chicago established the Epstein Scholar Program to assist the studies of Pre-College students who might otherwise be unable to enroll because of financial hardship. The Leonore Kraeuter Scholarship in Piano was endowed with a generous gift from Irene Schultz, whose prior support created the Phyllis Kraeuter Scholarship in Cello. These scholarships join the Karl Kraeuter Scholarship in Violin in the College Division; Karl, Leonore, and Phyllis Kraeuter were siblings who all studied at the Institute for Musical Art, Juilliard’s predecessor institution, and Phyllis and Karl were also on the faculty. Jay C. August memorialized his wife, a Manhattan-based piano teacher, with the Dr. Michelle Solarz Classical Piano Scholarship for Pre-College students. Michael Katz honored his grandparents with a new endowed music award, the Adina and Marcos Katz Scholarship, and also established a scholarship in their names in the College Division. Pre-College violinists and singers will benefit from the Elizabeth Melamid Scholarship, a gift of the Elizabeth Melamid Trust. Stanley Eckstein gathered friends and family of his late wife to help establish the Donna Slobodin Eckstein Scholarship, in tribute to Donna’s talent and passion for music. The Gena Raps Scholarship honors an alumna (BS ’68, piano) who teaches and performs in New York.

Juilliard has acquired several new current scholarships (which are awarded annually until the funds are depleted) in the College Division, created with generous annual gifts. A bequest from Rosemarie Radman Lafiosca (Diploma ’56, Postgraduate Diploma ’57, voice) created the Rosemarie Radman Lafiosca Scholarship, which has been strengthened with support from her family. George Yin established the Loo Yuin How Yin Scholarship in honor of his mother (Diploma ’38, piano). The Josephine Kinney McAndrew Scholarship is a memorial tribute to this alumna who studied piano and violin at Juilliard in the 1940s and was a member of the Houston Symphony first violin section for many years. In tribute to a legendary dance teacher who was on Juilliard’s faculty from 1953 to 2003, the Ethel Winter Scholarship has been established with plans to increase it in the future. The Joseph M. Scannella Trumpet Scholarship memorializes this 1957 alumnus, a lifelong musician based in New Jersey. In December, the Capezio Foundation presented the Juilliard Dance Division with an award and also established the Capezio Ballet Makers Dance Foundation Juilliard Scholarship.

The Johnny Muller Scholarship was established in memory of Johnny, a young writer and teacher who died in October 2015. His father, John Muller, has been a member of the Juilliard faculty for nearly 35 years. The new scholarship will be awarded to a music student who demonstrates exemplary strength in the Juilliard liberal arts curriculum.

The CultureHorde Scholarship was a gift from CultureHorde, a membership-based group that curates arts events including one called Juilliard Behind the Curtain last spring. The Aspasia Zoumas Scholarship for music students was a gift from this former Juilliard Council member. The Songwriters Guild of America memorialized songwriter Erwin Drake with the Erwin Drake Scholarship. The Robert Sawin Davis Sr. Scholarship was given in memory of this 1952 voice alumna.

Juilliard welcomes support for our educational and artistic activities in a variety of ways, including unrestricted gifts, currently funded or endowed scholarships, instrument donation, special project support, bequests, and other planned gifts. For more information about contributing to Juilliard, please call the Office of Development and Public Affairs at (212) 799-5000, ext. 278, or visit juilliard.edu/giving.

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