Victoria Murray Brand

Victoria Murray Brand is associate director of scholarship development.

Articles by Victoria Murray Brand

The vast majority of students require financial assistance; Juilliard was fortunate this year to strengthen its scholarship resources.
In the College Division there are 29 new scholarships, plus three in Pre-College and one each in the Music Advancement Program and Summer Jazz Workshop.
With more than 90 percent of our students qualifying for financial aid, scholarships are ever more vital to Juilliard artists.
The Juilliard School is grateful for a robust group of new current and endowed scholarships, which have greatly strengthened the School’s resources.
News of generous news scholarships given recently is especially welcome in these turbulent economic times.
Scholarship donors help the musicians, dancers, and actors studying here, sometimes in salute to a beloved teacher or renowned performing artist.
Nearly all Juilliard students receive some sort of scholarship; nearly 50 were new or enhanced last year.
This past year Juilliard’s scholarship resources have been greatly enriched by generous donors.
Many benefactors have enriched Juilliard with generous support in the past year, which means stronger scholarship resources for our students.
In 2016-17, Juilliard welcomed 15 new permanently endowed funds that provide robust scholarship resources for generations of our students.