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Apply for Community Engagement Grants

Austin Reynolds, Katie Garcia, and Sean Howe volunteered to work with children in Gaborone, Botswana, as part of their Community Engagement Grant project in Summer of 2016.


Students: Do you have an idea for a summer program that will engage and serve a community in need of arts education? The Community Engagement Grants (formerly Summer Grants) program financially supports, in part, a small number of structured summer projects created and directed by currently enrolled students. Grants are awarded to projects that reflect concern for social responsibility as artists; supplement regular artistic studies and education; and expand students' professional versatility. Projects should include an outreach and engagement component—that is, arts education, social and/or arts programming and interaction, etc.—with a community or group in need of assistance; incorporate a plan for establishing a long-term relationship and/or remote follow-up as needed with the community being served; and create a collaborative action plan with the engaged community.

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All current, full-time enrolled College Division undergraduate and graduate students, including those graduating this May, are eligible for Community Engagement Grants, though preference will be given to students who will be returning to Juilliard in the fall of 2017. The deadline to submit proposals is February 1, 2017; applications and information are available at the Office of Student Affairs, Room 100, and online at MyJuilliard or the Community Engagement page.

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