Zachary Green

Zachary Green (BM '15, composition) is a master's student.

Articles by Zachary Green

Former faculty member Leonard Slatkin chatted with composition student Zachary Green about conducting, composing, and musical life.
Music is “about emotion,” pianist Murray Perahia said at a Juilliard master class in October.
Pianist Leon Fleisher’s introduction to the Brahms D-Minor Piano Concerto at age 12 was, he recently told The Juilliard Journal, “soul-shattering.” Seven decades of playing ...
Why did the seemingly least important classes (Liberal Arts) turn out to be the most meaningful?
Only a few pianists have the artistic and technical mastery to win the coveted William Petschek Recital Award, which provides a solo debut for an ...
The son of a prominent tenor saxophonist, Joe Lovano was immersed in music from an early age. “Growing up around my dad [Tony “Big T” ...
Each year, through a competitive application process, six pairs of third-year Juilliard dance students collaborate with mostly third-year composition majors on the creation of six ...
Composition student Zachary Green has thrown himself into Juilliard life since arriving here three years ago.
Juilliard composition alum Huang Ruo on mixing idioms in music and reinterpreting a 400-year-old Chinese opera as ‘Paradise Interrupted.’
Faculty member Jon Dawe’s fractal-Baroque opera ‘Cracked Orlando’ was partly inspired by how the worlds of Bach and Boulez coexist.