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The Barnes & Noble opposite Juilliard is closing in January. What would you like to see open up in that location?


A Super 88 Asian supermarket, ’cause then we would have an unlimited supply of microwave rice trays and obscure fish. — George Nickson, first-year master’s percussion student



More Juilliard dorms. — Yekaterina Gruzglina, third-year voice major


A record store, but I know it won’t happen. — Cameron Scoggins, fourth-year actor


One of those napping places—a Japanese sleep-pod store. — Chelsea Feltman, fourth-year voice major


I want a Cheesecake Factory, because I love Linda’s Fudge Cake. — Alex Breaux, first-year actor


Target. — Jason Collins and Gillian Abbott, second-year dancers


A massive four-story cafe and restaurant with affordable food and a friendly atmosphere. — Chloe Schaaf, third-year voice major



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