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Giving Thanks


Well, it’s November. The leaves have changed and are falling. People are voting. And the entire Juilliard community looks on with envy as the rest of the country gets Veteran’s Day off. But most importantly, at the end of the month we celebrate the holiday to end all holidays: Thanksgiving. Actually, Thanksgiving is the third of my favorite days, right after Christmas and Flag Day (I love me some flags!). On this wonderful day of eating, we watch parades, dine, and reflect. Now, my family was never the group that gets together and shares what we’re thankful for. We tried it once, but it ended with my aunt finishing an entire box of wine and tiptoeing through the neighborhood trying to recruit members for her “feline army of darkness.” So, in the festive spirit of reflection, I thought I would share some of the things that I think the entire Juilliard community can be thankful for.

Alex Mansoori

Alex Mansoori

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The new entrance on 66th Street: If you’re new to the School, you probably don’t fully realize how wonderful it is. However, returnees will remember the zigzag trip that had to be made last year to make it to the front entrance. Not only is the new entrance convenient to enter, it makes the midday Balducci’s runs far quicker.

Bärli Nugent’s candy bowl: There is nothing like taking a break in between classes, coming down to the second floor, and grabbing a piece of candy from Bärli Nugent’s always-filled stash. And like a mom in a Sunny Delight commercial, Bärli always greets you with a smile, as if to say, “Had a hard day? Here’s a Snickers.” (Side note: Bärli, KitKats are my favorite.)

The randomly placed couches around the School: Since the “Juilliard Facelift” really started to take shape, many of the couches that were in the lobby had to be moved. So they were placed in random halls around the School, an idea that I love. Suddenly, the fourth and fifth floors have become cozier, as if to say, “Had a hard day? Here’s a couch.”

The new dean and provost: I’m thankful mainly because his name is so much fun to say—Ara Guzelimian. And I think it’s about time we all said it more often. We’ve passed the stage of it being O.K. to refer to him as “the new dean and provost.”

This list could go on and on. Thanksgiving is a yearly reminder for everyone to sit back and think about what’s good in their lives, something many students at this school do not do. So take this month and think of the little things. When Miss Cox asks you for “la” for the hundredth time, give thanks that you can hear. When Darryl screams for another 50 sit-ups, give thanks that you can move. And dancers, when you sprain your ankle, be thankful that this guy will nurse you back to health … as long as you’re a girl. Ah, who am I kidding? Happy holidays, everyone.


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