November 2011, vol. 27, no. 3

Benjamin Laude

Three tales of 20th-century student unrest—in Nazi Germany, Mississippi in the 1960s, and China during the Cultural Revolution—are ...More

Nick Stagliano

The annual Alice Tully Vocal Arts Debut Recital is one of the highest profile recitals at Juilliard; it ...More

Zachary Green

Each year, through a competitive application process, six pairs of third-year Juilliard dance students collaborate with mostly third-year ...More

Joel Sachs

The New Juilliard Ensemble's November 8 concert is a good example of the value of personal contacts and ...More

Evan Fein

Arguably the most successful composer of his generation, Matthias Pintscher’s résumé reads like many musicians’ wish lists,.More

Molly Yeh

Arena seating and fluorescent light tubes will give the Willson Theater a warehouse-like feel for the Music Technology ...More
Caitlin O’Heaney (formerly known as Kathleen Heaney, Group 3) hasn’t confined her career to acting. She’s been a ...More

Bärli Nugent

Juilliard and athletics have never been synonymous, to say the least, although tales of past athletic activity—badminton, basketball, ...More

Rob Ross

On a sultry summer evening when most Juilliard employees were heading home after a long day’s toil, a ...More

Molly Yeh

Puppets are having a moment right now (think of the phenomenal success of War Horse across the street ...More

Scott Aiello

Few Drama Division classes result in more tears, laughs, breakdowns, and breakthroughs than the dreaded physical comedy class ...More

Carol Egan

One summer afternoon, six alumnae from the earliest years of the Juilliard Dance Division gathered at the Silver ...More
Susan Jackson

Nathan Louis Jackson: "Broke-ology" Revisited

Who's In This Mystery Photo?

Justin Brown

Why I Occupy—A View From the Stage

Mirian Conti

Equal Tuition, Equal Pay, Equal Opportunity

Francisco Martinez

Ben Johnson

Maria Im

Has your outlook on the performing arts industry changed since you started studying at Juilliard?

Bruce Hodges

20th-Century Piano Cornerstones

Greta Berman

Introducing Mikalojus Ciurlionis: Painter and Composer

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Institute of Musical Art's New Building Profiled (1910); Juilliard Basketball (1947); Opera Premieres "Sweet Bye and Bye" (1957); Cage Visits Students (1986)

Faculty-Student News November 2011

Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

Martha Gallagher Wittman

Ruth Miller Currier 1926-2011

Lars Berge

Christmas Is So Far Away