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If money were no object, what would you do over holiday break?


I would go to India and ride an elephant and study meditation, and then go to Africa on a safari. — Jeff Sykes, fourth-year dancer



Take all the dancer freshmen—the class of 2014—on a big Euro trip. — Daphne Fernberger , first-year dancer


I would become the dreadlocked captain of a ship made out of carrots. My first mate would be a rabbit. — Sam Budish, fourth-year percussionist


I would buy really good presents for everyone and I would see my family from all over the country. And also go to Hawaii. — Mike Maier, second-year trombone


I would go to Gotham City because that’s where Batman lives. — Armand Ranjbaran, fourth-year composer


Go to Italy for a week and eat lots of food. — Joaquina Kalukango, fourth-year actress


I would go back home to Bulgaria. — Dima Dimitrova, third-year violinist



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