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If you could bring a guest artist to Juilliard, who would it be?


Sean Penn, because he’s a great actor—and Scarlett Johansson would come with him.
Grantham Coleman II, fourth-year actor


Cecile-Laure Kouassi
[Giovanni] Bottesini, because he was an amazing bass player, and I’m sure he would have a lot to teach us.
Cecile-Laure Kouassi, second-year double bass

Roman Cruz
I would like to work with Crystal Pite, because I feel as though [her company, Kidd Pivot] is up and coming and has so much to share, like its theory of how the body works.
Roman Cruz, fourth-year dancer

Richard Dent IV
Keith Richards, because he would still, despite the nonsmoking sign, smoke in the building. And it’d be great to see his face in person.
Richard Dent IV, fourth-year actor

Robyn Quinett
Esa-Pekka Salonen, because he’s awesome.
Robyn Quinett, fourth-year violinist

Ian Sullivan
Bill Evans. He’s the best musician that ever lived.
Ian Sullivan, second-year master’s percussionist

Gentry George
I would bring in Sam Cooke. He died at such a young age [that] the world didn’t really get a great abundance of music from him. Maybe he could perform a concert and [give a] speech.
Gentry George, fourth-year dancer

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