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If you could switch majors at Juilliard for a day, which would you choose and why?



I would choose drama because I just feel like it is the most mysterious department and I want to know what they do all day.  — Nicholas Ranauro, first-year dancer

My first instinct was jazz; I used to play the stand-up bass, so maybe I’d do that. The jazz program has a good vibe, it seems, and I could spin my bass around. — Katherine Williams, second-year dancer

I would choose drama because when I was a kid I had a dream of being an actor. — Gabriel Dias, first-year master’s trumpet student

Voice, so I could be loud and obnoxious. — Ben Baron, third-year bassoon

Either jazz or dance. Dance because it makes you feel really hot. [That’s] the superficial answer. And the real answer is because it’s so physical and imaginative. And jazz because there’s nothing more soulful. Katherine Wood, second-year actor

That’s a tough one. I’d be an actor so I could be really cool and hipster looking. — Lavinia Pavlish, first-year master’s violin student

I’d be a dancer because I have dancer envy. — Yuan Jo Mei, fourth-year actor


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