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If you could take one day off from your discipline, what would you do?



I would probably go to Goodburger and get a Crabby Patty.
Gabriel Medd, second-year jazz trumpeter

I would travel, maybe go to art galleries … Or I would go hiking.
Ha Young Jung, first-year master’s bassist

I would dance around in my room to hip-hop music, preferably with some fine young women and my friends. We would have a great time.
Jahann Sweet, first-year jazz pianist

I would probably sleep until noon and then wake up and walk around the park if it was a sunny day. Then I would go eat sushi and lounge with my friends.
Kate McGonigle, second-year actor

I would definitely sleep in and go to a yoga class. And then go watch a Broadway show.
Macy Sullivan, fourth-year dancer

Go and walk around New York. I want to go to Brooklyn, down near the beach, and I would sunbathe if it was a sunny day. And I would just enjoy being with my friends, of course.
Mariam Machaidze, second-year violinist

I would want to do something that I haven’t done yet in New York City, so I guess I would go check out the High Line downtown and take a nice walk.
Sam Bae, third-year cellist


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