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If you won a grant for a million dollars to start an entrepreneurial project, what would you do with it?


Brandon Hall
I would give physically and mentally disabled individuals a place to create art.
Brandon Hall, Second-Year Actor


Chase Baird
Start a school of creativity. It would have no right answers, and kids would be encouraged to understand the motivation behind each other’s creative ideas. I’d search for music teachers who would start with composition, theater teachers who’d help the kids write their own plays, and art teachers who would help the kids learn to paint what’s in their hearts.
Chase Baird, Second-Year Jazz Saxophonist

Nehemiah Spencer
I would create an arts and literacy after-school program that would use dance to make students more proficient in an academic setting. Within the program we’d concentrate on the students’ social skills, self-esteem, focus, and physical and mental health.
Nehemiah Spencer, Second-Year Dancer

Naomi Causby
Yay for winning a million dollars! I would start a shelter for abused and neglected animals that would have a veterinary clinic, a service group to take in abused animals, and a rehabilitation center. 
Naomi Causby, First-Year Pianist

Kelsey McMahon
Launch a theater company with a mission to make theater accessible to everyone.  
Kelsey McMahon, Second-Year Actress

Russell Hall
Put it toward a performance space for collaborative works among disciplines that would give young, creative minds an opportunity to experiment with whatever they feel is art. For example, an actor could do a Shakespeare monologue while having a cellist, flutist, blues guitarist, and classical vocalist improvise over loops created by an electronic musician. 
Russell Hall, First-Year Jazz Bassist

Laura LeVoir
I would love to start a kind of community home where struggling artists would have a place to live comfortably and have facilities in which to nurture their art without having to worry about their financial situation.
Laura LeVoir, Third-Year Singer

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