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What’s the strangest or funniest thing about going to school in the United States?


I think the weirdest thing is not being able to drink when you’re 18, to be honest. And then more specifically about the States, how cheap the taxis are. I love that. — Hannah Sloane, fourth-year cellist, England



Everybody speaks in English. — Yossi Chaikin, second-year dancer, Israel


Going to Juilliard is more different than going to other kinds of schools, but what I love about it is that we have a lot of people from different nations together, different backgrounds. Where I come from, mainly everyone is from Iceland. I love the variety [here]. — Thorvaldur Kristjannson, fourth-year actor, Iceland


It’s the language. People using the word bitch all the time. — Tal Adler, fourth-year dancer, Israel


Everybody thinks I’m a leprechaun. — Fiona Kelly, second-year flutist, Ireland


In Europe when you’re 18, you’re a citizen, you can do anything besides run for office. There’s an imbalance because [here] you can drive when you’re 16 and you can join the military when you’re 18, but you can’t drink until you’re 21. — Andreas Aroditis, second-year master’s voice student, Cyprus


Food. The amount of food is really great ... And it’s really juicy. — Haram Choi, fourth-year violist, South Korea



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