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What do you think is the most important development of the 20th century?




The development of jazz. Of course, why didn’t I think of that immediately? Too easy. I don’t even have to have an explanation for that.
Samora Pinderhughes, second-year jazz student


The panini press, because who doesn’t love toasted bread?
Maria Im, fourth-year violinist


In dance, the way technology has refined the art.
Victoria Bek, third-year dancer 


Lavender blueberry chocolate and rose vanilla ice cream, because weird combinations are bomb.
Chloe Pang, second-year pianist


The Internet, but I often wonder if the world would be better off without it.
Peter Dugan, fourth-year pianist


The iPod, because it has made music readily available to everyone.
Ibanda Ruhumbika, third-year tuba player



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