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What has surprised you the most about Juilliard so far?




Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo
How tired I am on the first day of school.
Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo, first-year Historical Performance violinist

Christian Reif
Maybe it’s an American thing, but I’m surprised by how there’s an office for everything here.
Christian Reif, first-year conductor

Austin Smith
How new the outside of the building looks and how old the inside of the building looks. Airport outside, historical site inside.
Austin Smith, third-year actor

I’m surprised by how much academic work there is.
Gwenllian Llyr, second-year harpist

Michael Marquez
The variety of talent.
Michael Marquez, second-year dancer

Ji Yong Kim, third-year pianist

Kristen Doering
How warm and welcoming everyone has been.
Kristen Doering, first-year collaborative pianist

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