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What’s Your Favorite New York City Neighborhood?


TriBeCa—it has a romantic feel and every time I walk down cobbled streets, I feel like I see some famous person doing some sort of romantic gesture that makes me want to live there. I saw Russell Brand buying flowers for Katy Perry [pre-breakup], and Eric Bogosian buying a Christmas tree with his wife, Jo Bonney. 
Janine Nabers, Playwrighting Fellow


Zachary Green
Greenwich Village: it’s the only part of the city where you still see shirtless men with boomboxes and roller skates in the streets at 11:30 at night. My second favorite is Bryant Park—I don’t really know why, because it is awfully corporate, but it’s just so pleasant with the library there and the mix of people.
Zachary Green, Second-Year Composer

Daniel Chmlellnski
That’s tough. I would probably have to say the Village. It’s always full of life and culture, and it has some amazing jazz clubs as well.
Daniel Chmielinski, First-Year Jazz Bassist

Kristi Benz
I don’t really have a favorite area, but if I had to choose, it would be SoHo. It is full of amazing restaurants and shops.
Kristi Bentz, Third-Year Dancer

Aubrey Allicock
Such a hard question to answer for a new New Yorker. So far my favorite place to visit is Times Square. I love all the lights! I also love the fact that you can feel the great energy of the city there.
Aubrey Allicock, First-Year Singer

Christian Lundqvist
My favorite area of N.Y.C. is the West Village because of the cool jazz clubs and bars that I can’t get into. I also think Times Square is a fascinating place, even though it’s also crowded and annoying.
Christian Lundqvist, First-Year Percussionist

Jun Hahn
Williamsburg, because it’s pretty and the buildings are low, so you get to see the sky better. There’s also good food.
June Hahn, First-Year Master’s Percussionist

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