The Art of Composing

Susan Jackson

How do composers find inspiration? And what do they do all day? We asked them in this issue ...More
A New England sky; a brash, bright color; a lost, lamented box of cupcakes all inspired jazz compositions ...More
Michael Parsons

Joshua Simka

Composing as a listener not a craftsman keeps my music open to a variety of influences and fosters ...More
Saad Haddad composition

Joshua Simka

A massive 19th-century painting of lifeless gladiators and riotous spectators inspired Joshua Cerdenia’s New Juilliard Ensemble premiere.More
Namibian ghost town

Joshua Simka

Inspired by a German ghost town, a Shelley poem, and exploring what happens when things go wrong, Juilliard ...More
Anne Wang

Anne Wang

A day in the life of composer Anne Wang--studying, composing, teaching, socializing, and finding the perfect note.More
Thomas Cabaniss
Juilliard faculty member Tom Cabaniss reveals what composers do all day—and how it’s possible to make a living ...More
After graduating from Juilliard, Joseph Rubinstein stayed on to work in the composition department and also pursue his ...More