Laura Flax
Longtime Pre-College faculty member and Juilliard alumna Laura Flax died on March 12, 2017, after a hard-fought battle with cancer.more
Noted saxophonist and Juilliard faculty member Joseph Temperley died on May 11, 2016. more
James Houghton

Ira Rosenblum

James Houghton, the director of Juilliard's Drama Division and founding artistic director of the Signature Theatre, died August...more
Kazuko Hirabayashi
Dance Faculty Member

Terese Capucilli

Multitudes were touched by teacher-choreographer Kazuko Hirabayashi’s wisdom, raw honesty, endearing humor, and inexhaustible energy.more
Charles Bestor

Susan Jackson

Composer Charles Bestor, a Juilliard faculty member and administrator in the 1950s, died in his sleep on January 16, 2016.more
Otto-Werner Mueller

Jens Georg Bachmann

Otto-Werner Mueller, who was Juilliard’s director of orchestral studies and head of the conducting program (1987-2004), died February...more
Former Juilliard French teacher Rachelle Kolton Knapp—always known as Madame Knapp—died in January at the age of 93.more
Billie Allen Henderson

Ara Guzelimian

A pathbreaking member of theatrical royalty and great friend of Juilliard, Billie Allen Henderson, died December 29, 2015.more
Margaret Pardee

Lori Bierly Padua

Long-serving Juilliard faculty member Margaret Pardee, a beloved mentor to generations of violinists, died on January 26, 2016.more
Steven Stucky
Composition Faculty Member

Ira Rosenblum

Steven Stucky, a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and Juilliard member, died of brain cancer on February 14 at his...more

Susan Jackson

Evening Division faculty member Gilbert Kaplan, a publisher and economist who turned himself into a conductor and Mahler...more
Daniel Ferro

Joshua Simka

Juilliard voice faculty member Daniel Ferro died November 18, 2015.more
Seymour Lipkin and Rui Shi
Piano Faculty Member

Jerome Lowenthal

Juilliard faculty member Jerome Lowenthal remembers Seymour Lipkin, his former mentor and longtime colleague and friend.more
Dance Division Administrator

Sarah Adriance

Former Juilliard Dance Division administrator Diana Feingold is remembered.more
Elena Powstuck Wolkonsky
Pre-College Piano Faculty Member
Longtime Juilliard Pre-College faculty member Elena Powstuck Wolkonsky died in August 2015.more
A Dancer's World
Barrier-breaking dancer Mary Hinkson, a former Juilliard faculty member and Martha Graham lead dancer, died November 2015.more
Voice Faculty Member

Joshua Simka

Former Juilliard faculty member Nico Castel, an opera singer and prominent diction coach, died May 31, 2015.more
James S. Marcus
Former Trustee

Brian Zeger

Brian Zeger, artistic director of the Marcus Institute for Vocal Arts, remembers Juilliard friend and patron James S...more
Dance Faculty Member

Rachel Straus

Dubbed "Black Magic" by George Balanchine, Maggie Black taught at Juilliard from 1960 to 1965.more
Robert Neff Williams
Drama Faculty Member
Longtime Juilliard Drama faculty member Robert Neff Williams, who died in 2015, is remembered by students and colleagues.more
Vida Ginsberg Deming
Liberal Arts Faculty Member
Vida Ginsberg Deming, an actor and dancer who taught literature at Juilliard, died on March 11, 2015.more
Ken Washington

James Houghton

Richard Feldman

Kathy Hood

Frequent Juilliard director Ken Washington was a relentless advocate for young artists throughout this country.more
Marian Seldes
Drama Faculty Member
Co-workers and students memorialize actress and former faculty member Marian Seldes, who died on October 6, 2014. more