September 2015, vol. 31, no. 1

Juilliard Orchestra at Carnegie Hall

Susan Jackson

Juilliard is staging a wide variety of dance, drama, and music productions this fall.More
Nicholas McGegan

Susan Jackson

The Juilliard Orchestra under Nicholas McGegan will play a slightly different ending to the slow movement of Beethoven’s ...More
Boo Killebrew
Fourth-year actors will perform three plays written by women in the Juilliard playwriting program.More

Melanie Williams

Flutist Melanie Williams on her Grand Tour with Juilliard415: New York, Paris, Boston, London, Leipzig. More
Joel Sachs and NJE

Joel Sachs

Joel Sachs previews the New Juilliard Ensemble season.More
Juilliard Tony Winners

Susan Jackson

Congratulations to Juilliard alums Alex Sharp, Sam Gold, and Stephen Schwartz on their 2015 Tony Awards.More
Juilliard congratulates the class of 2015
Some 250 musicians, dancers, and actors were honored at Juilliard's 110th graduation ceremony.
Nicholas Hytner
Be hungry for all art, high and low, British director Nicholas Hytner exhorted Juilliard's 250 grads.More

Noa Kageyama

Juilliard faculty member Noa Kageyama's tips for making the most of your practice time.More

Jay Wenk

Jay Wenk remembers postwar Juilliard life, especially William Bergsma.More
A number of new faculty members have started at Juilliard.More
Emmy Award
Eight Juilliard alums have received 2015 Emmy nominations. More

Library, Apps, Arts as Diplomacy

Susan Jackson

Juilliard by the Numbers

Stacey Alcorn

Spotlight on Anthony Mackie

Upcoming Alumni Events

Letters About Boulez, WWII, Poulin

Cleo Person

Life After Graduation?

Steven Laitz

Adam Gagan

Brian Zeger

James S. Marcus 1929-2015

Joshua Simka

Nico Castel 1931-2015

Rachel Straus

Maggie Black 1930-2015

Juilliard Archives

Dudley Williams

Mary Hinkson 1925-2015

In Memoriam for September 2015

The Latest on Faculty, Staff, and Students September 2015