Violin Faculty Member
She taught us the essential—that to perform is to tell the news, and to tell it well requires...more
Shirley Verrett
Verrett once said that she was inspired to pursue a career in opera after hearing Maria Callas sing...more
Former Trustee

Joseph W. Polisi

Juilliard president Joseph W. Polisi remembers the late Ralph Leach—mentor, wise counselor, and friend.more

Lisa B. Robinson

The Juilliard community lost a valued member with the death of Dawn M. Greene on August 30. more
Alumnus and Former Trustee

Cory Robertson

Juilliard alumnus and trustee, Microsoft executive and philanthropist Craig Watjen died of cancer August 13, 2010.more

Samuel Rhodes

The Juilliard community and the whole music world were greatly saddened to learn of the tragic passing of...more
Cello Faculty Member

Sarah Kricheff

David Soyer, the founding cellist of the Guarneri String Quartet and a Juilliard faculty member since 2003, died...more
Rosemary Wilson and Polisi

Joseph W. Polisi

One of Juilliard’s most generous benefactors, Rosemary Willson, passed away in Los Angeles on January 25, 2010. more
Piano Faculty Member

Cory Robertson

Samuel Zyman

Stanley touched, inspired, helped, and enlightened countless students of all ages—and the larger community of music lovers in...more
Composition Faculty Member

Joey Lico

Stanley Wolfe, a composer and Juilliard faculty member for five decades, died on May 29 of cardiac arrest...more
Dance Faculty Member

Jane Rubinsky

Piano Faculty Member

Jane Rubinsky

With an encyclopedic knowledge and a quick wit, his classes enthralled and educated his students as they learned...more
Rainer "Dinny" DeIntinis
French Horn Faculty Member

Jeff Lang

Ranier DeIntinis’s 43-year career as a member of the New York Philharmonic was legendary, and his teaching will...more
Cello Faculty Member
French Horn Faculty Member

Julie Landsman

Cello Faculty Member

James Kreger

Rose Bampton in 1981 with the daughter of Sandra McClain
Voice Faculty Member

Margo Garrett

Robert White

Albert Fuller, who died on September 22 at the age of 81, was a great and unique artist...more