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What is the best or worst gift you’ve ever received?


Eric Silberger
The best and worst gift would be the iPhone 5. 
Eric Silberger, Second-Year Master’s Violinist


Simone Easthope
My best gift is coming this year: my boyfriend is flying in from Germany to come see me.
Simone Easthope, Second-Year Master’s Singer

Aekyung Kim
My worst gift was when I was 5. My sister gave me a “lump of coal” that was actually gum. I started crying.
Aekyung Kim, First-Year Violist

yan Spahn
My grandparents from Miami sent me a FUBU jersey in XL and a skull cap with crossbones on them. They said, “We got you these ’cause this is what all the kids are wearing now.” It’s as if they’d never met me.
Ryan Spahn, Third-Year Actor

John Brancy
My best gift was the TTR-125 L. It’s a Yamaha dirt bike and I got it when I was 12, and it was for two Christmases and two birthdays.
John Brancy, Second-Year Master’s Singer

Margaret Davis
The worst gift I’ve ever gotten was an orange.
Margaret Davis, First-Year Harpist

Tobias Greenhalgh
I got Snoopy earrings from my grandma one year. She used to send bonus gifts on top of regular gifts and Snoopy was my bonus.
Tobias Greenhalgh, Second-Year Master’s Singer

Nicholas Ranauro
One time I got an action figure and I am not an action figure kind of guy. I mean, come on people!
Nicholas Ranauro, Third-Year Dancer

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