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Who's in This Mystery Photo?

We know who one of the students in this month’s Missing in Caption photo is: Van Cliburn (Diploma ’54, piano) is seated front and center (with the glasses and the spiffy outfit), and Peter Mennin, who was president of Juilliard from 1962 to 1983, is teaching the class. Can any of our readers identify the other students in this class? Let us know at or (212) 799-5000, ext. 340.


Turns out the March Missing in Caption photo was of Group 27 (1994-98) Drama students in a Suzuki movement class taught by Ellen Lauren. The student in the forefront is Kevin Daniels. To his right are Rebecca Meneses, Eric Black, Chris Johnson, and Charlie Matthes. Anyone recognize the others? 

Thanks to Daniels (Group 27) and others who contacted us. Thanks also to staff member Mary Belanger, Alasdair MacLean (M.M. ’86, composition, 1986), and Anna Choi (B.M. ’87, MM ’87, violin) who wrote in about the February Missing in Caption photo after press time.

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