Martha Hill and Marian Seldes

Iconic actress and beloved Juilliard faculty member Marian Seldes died last month. Can any of you identify the students in this 1984 photo of her teaching a poetry class? Let us know at journal@juilliard.edu or (212) 799-5000, ext. 340. Thanks!


Helene Cohen Breazeale (B.S. ’59, dance) wrote to identify two of the people in the September mystery photo, which showed students celebrating their graduation in 1959 with Dance Division founder Martha Hill. The students are (to Hill’s right) Betsy Dickerson (Diploma ’59, dance) and in the forefront, with glasses in profile, Lenore “Judy” Latimer (B.S. ’59, dance). Breazeale also sent the following note about Hill. “When I attended Juilliard, I always knew that I was in the presence of greatness. Where else in the entire world would I have been able to study with Antony Tudor, Margaret Craske, Alfredo Corvino, José Limón, Martha Graham, Louis Horst, Norman Lloyd, William Schuman, Ann Hutchinson, Hyman Kleinman, and many others—all under one roof?! Where else would I have been able to observe the brilliance of Martha Hill, the personification of what a dance administrator/educator/director/chairman should be? I’m sure that those who followed her were good, but she was the pioneer in the field and she, single-handedly, was the glue that held the Dance Division together during her tenure.”

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