Faculty Forum

Faculty Forum

Mirian Conti

Unfortunately, almost 50 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act, women still do not earn the...more

Jane Gottlieb

A librarian is bitten by the e-book reader bug.more

Joseph W. Polisi

An article recently appeared in The Juilliard Journal written by one of our doctoral students, Benjamin Laude, addressing...more

Yoheved Kaplinsky

As I was reading Benjamin Laude’s article on the Israel-Palestine conflict, I couldn’t help but note that one...more

Ray Lustig

Medical and musical people seem somehow to find each other, to be enlivened to be together, and to...more

Lewis Kaplan

William Schuman’s 1956 Festival of American Music at Juilliard influenced the direction I took for most of my...more

Milica Paranosic

Kopeyia, Ghana, is a place of some 2,000 inhabitants, a village with virtually no running water or electricity...more

Bärli Nugent

Reflecting on judging competitions.more

Anita Mercier

When it comes to marriage and family life, only straight people enjoy equal protection under the law.more