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Why did you start pursuing your art?


Both of my parents are pianists and they each separately tried to teach me piano, but I just didn’t like it. When I turned 7, my aunt in Israel shipped a violin to us, and I was so happy it wasn’t a piano. I got excited about the idea of playing something else, and I guess I just never got unexcited.
Rachel Koblyakov, fourth-year violinist


I had a really amazing teacher who inspired me to listen to jazz music. I don’t remember ever making the decision to become a musician because there was just no question about it. I just knew.
Jordan Pettay, master's saxophone student

I decided to become an actor because this is the only thing I’m good at—I’m not good at anything else.
Noah Averbach-Katz, second-year actor

I started on the piano, but it was more my mom’s thing than mine. I remember when I was in Korea, I saw this violinist on TV and I fell in love with the violin. That’s when I decided that I wanted to become a violinist.
Mina Um, fourth-year violinist

My sister was a dancer and I knew her dances better than she did—and I wanted to be just like her—so that’s why I became a dancer.
Jason Collins, fourth-year dancer

I love the sound of the cello and I really enjoy playing.
Hyewon Kim, third-year cellist

When I started singing, I found out that I was good at it, and since I like to do things that I’m good at, I just kept at it. Then I auditioned for Juilliard and left it up to the outcome. I got in and that was the defining moment.
Joshua Simka, third-year singer

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