November 2007, vol. 23, no. 3

Wendy Weisman

Juilliard may not be the first name that comes to mind when you hear the words “historical performance,” ...More

Lisa B. Robinson

The timeless humor of men in skirts and the enduring beauty of Rossini’s music come together for an ...More

Evan Fein

Hearing a posthumous premiere of a major work by a significant composer is at the very least a ...More
Ryan Gallagher

Joel Sachs

Playing new music can require jumping into new territory. To begin with, it often puts “classical” musicians into ...More

Robert Rankin Brooks

Throughout the 20th century, performing artists significantly informed the societal conscience through activism. From the earlier part of ...More

Joel Krosnick

The idea of a pair of concerts by Gilbert Kalish and me, covering in some brief way a ...More

Jane Gottlieb

In 1940, the Nazis confiscated the great pianist Arthur Rubinstein's property in Paris and moved his private library, ...More

Mitchell Crawford

This year’s concert features Paul Jacobs and a trio of Juilliard students in performances of Bach’s keyboard and ...More

Karen Raven

The School is pleased and grateful to announce the addition of a 1771 Testore violin to its collection ...More

Geoffrey Murphy

After last season’s popular performances of Ibsen’s "A Doll’s House" by the fourth-year actors, the Juilliard Drama Division ...More

Spenser Theberge

Halfway around the globe—unable to understand a single spoken word, and thousands of miles from any piece of ...More

Jesse Han

Six Juilliard students performed in Maxence Larrieu's master class, bringing a wide variety of style and repertoire to ...More

Drew Pierson

In sessions marked by reunions and good vibrations, Juilliard opened its doors to acclaimed jazz bassist Christian McBride ...More
Joey Lico

Q&A With Glenn Howerton

Heike Currie

Erica VonKleist: EvK Is Swingin’

Alex Mansoori

Giving Thanks

Carolyn Serota

Dare to Be Wrong

Coming Out Stories; Virginia Tech Shootings

Joseph Alessi

Amy Roman

Bruce Hodges

From Russia—and America—With Love

Greta Berman

From the Old Country to Brooklyn: Jewish Woodcarvers and Other Artists

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Graduate School Concert (1928); Benny Goodman Gives Class (1943); Copland's 60th Birthday (1960); Paul Hall Dedicated (1970)

Faculty-Student News November 2007

In Memoriam November 2007

Margo Garrett

Rose Bampton Pelletier 1907-2007