October 2007, vol. 23, no. 2

Special Section
Andrew Thomas
I was born in 1939 in upstate New York, a gay, athletic changeling in a repressed academic family...More
Christopher Mossey
Three years ago, my partner Jamie and I welcomed a remarkable 8-year-old boy into our lives. We met...More
Emily Regas
While the concept of cohabitation is becoming socially acceptable, I have always dreamed of a big, fabulous, fairly...More
Geoffrey Scott
What is it like to be black and gay? My views come from my own experience, of course,...More
Renée Baron
When one of my sons brags to family members about his latest romantic interest, the other cannot follow...More
Caroline Greenleaf
The decision to “come out” often involves inspecting each segment in an effort to predict both the negative...More
Special Section
Lisa Andersen
King’s emphasis on maintaining the moral high ground did not in any way mean that he was afraid...More
Barrington Coleman
During my adolescence in Chicago, my dad’s daily sacrifices in the steel industry and my mother’s endless days...More
Paquito D'Rivera

Lisa B. Robinson

In his colorful autobiography, "My Sax Life," legendary musician Paquito D’Rivera comments, “Every time I want to have ...More

Edward Klorman

Conductor Anne Manson exudes a sense of purpose befitting someone who has caught international attention as a musical ...More

David Pratt

Starting in the 1970s and ending shortly before his death of liver cancer in 2005, the playwright August ...More

Claire Bryant

This program challenges us with the following question: “Is it really enough to be a great performer?”More

Lucie Baker

Troy Macklin

Varinia Oyola-Rebaza

Bonnie Hampton

Students have asked me what it was like to study with Pablo Casals. This is not easy to ...More

Jennifer Fuschetti

Five seasons into the most recent incarnation of Juilliard softball, it still surprises people. More
Emily Regas

Carolyn Brown: Witness to Creativity

James D. Wetzel

The Alluring Art of Choral Singing

L. Michael Griffel

Stilled Voices

Allegra Lilly

Sex and Music: Letter to the Editor

Bruce Hodges

Beethoven for 2, 3, and 4

Harold Slamovitz

Traci DiGesu

Robert White

Albert Fuller 1926-2007

In Memoriam October 2007

Jeni Dahmus Farah

In Memory of Luciano Pavarotti

Faculty-Student News October 2007

Stephen Pier

Fostering a 2-Way Exchange of Knowledge

Jessica Love

A Martha Graham Halloween

Greta Berman

Visual Images in the Time of War