December 2008/January 209, vol. 24, no. 4

Henry Cowell transformed California into a hotbed of new music. The 2009 Focus! festival explores a century of ...More

Lisa B. Robinson

This year’s Focus! festival concludes with its first full=length opera, John Adams’s 1991 "The Death of Klinghoffer."More

Susan Reiter

When four choreographers (including Sidra Bell, pictured) face the challenge of creating large-scale new works for an entire ...More

Evan Fein

John Corigliano, a leading figure in American contemporary music, is no stranger to accolades—and 2008, the year of ...More

Geoffrey Murphy

From wistful longing for days gone by, to the struggle to remember things once important and now lost ...More
Jazz and film have been strongly interconnected since the first feature-length “talking picture,” the appropriately titled The Jazz ...More

Jessica Love

I would like to speak a bit about Robert Neff Williams’s teaching work at The Juilliard School, as ...More

Joseph W. Polisi

In its 103-year history, Juilliard has experienced innumerable challenges. In each instance, the School has emerged as a ...More

Jonathan Estabrooks

Something new for ChamberFest this year: song, specifically those of Leonard Bernstein.More

Jane Rubinsky

Ballroom dance has been part of the Juilliard actors’ movement training for 14 years, a one-semester class for ...More
Conor Hanick

Q&A With Paul Festa

Kathryn Carissimi

Douglas McLennan: Confessions of a Newspaper Fanatic

Alejandro Rodriguez

Where Do We Go From Here?

JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Thinking Like a Horse

Marriage Equality; Creating a Juilliard Gay-Straight Alliance

Dawn Lille

Stephen Roessner

Bruce Hodges

That Prodigal Son of Bach Strikes Again and A Jazz Pianist's Tomorrows

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Juilliard Grad School Orchestra's First Concert (1928); Milhaud at Juilliard (1946); José Limón Anniversary (1995)

Greta Berman

Stunning Exhibition Pays Tribute to the Philippe de Montebello Years

Faculty-Student News December 2008

In Memoriam December 2008-January 2009

Doris Rudko 1918-2008

Scott Aiello

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