December 2007/January 208, vol. 23, no. 4

Susan Reiter

Nearly 40 years after James Conlon (photo) first navigated Juilliard's hallways as a freshman, the internationally acclaimed conductor ...More

Joel Sachs

On December 11, Elliott Carter turns 9. Juilliard’s Focus! festival kicks off his centennial year with All About Elliott.More

Jonathan Dawe

Axiom will present the New York stage premiere of Elliott Carter’s one-act opera, "What Next?".More
Special Section
Andrew RoitsteinAllison Job
On November 12, Juilliard was privileged to host a master class with Klaus Stoll, principal bassist of the...More
Ann Miller
As Carrie Dennis warmly greeted the students gathered in Morse Hall on November 12, one easily could have...More
Christopher Hopkins
“If you play with no character, I think you might become a good cellist,” Martin Lohr said. “But...More

Evan Fein

January marks the beginning of a collaboration between the Lucerne Festival Academy—a workshop for the intensive study of ...More

Ted Goldman

Eyes misled ears on the evening of October 21 in Budapest. More

Geoffrey Murphy

As a young artist, Moni Yakim moved from his native Israel (after completing his military service) to the ...More

Peter "Finn" Wittrock

More than 30 years after John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves, debuted in 1971, the dark comedy ...More

Greg Dawson

It is fitting that my mother’s story appear in "The Juilliard Journal" this month as conductor James Conlon ...More

Alison Scott-Williams

January 21 marks the 20th Juilliard celebration of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. This annual interdisciplinary ...More

Sean Rice

As developing musicians, many of us are aware of the dichotomy between the classical and the popular realms ...More

Robert Thompson

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of running a marathon ever since high school, when I was a ...More

Benjamin Sosland

Song series looks at dating in all of its guises in a program titled “A Modern Person’s Guide ...More

Salima Barday

This year marks the centennial of the death of Edvard Grieg, one of the great 19th-century nationalistic composers. More
Mahira Kakkar

Julia Cho: A Playwright Drawn to the 'What Ifs'

Isabelle Demers

The 'Meaning' of Music

Brian Zeger

Educating Singers in a Fast-Changing World

Coming Out Stories; Painted Ponies

Samuel Zyman

Daniel Robinson

Bruce Hodges

Carter, the (Almost) Centenarian

Greta Berman

The Other Side of David Dubal

Jeni Dahmus Farah

First Issue of "Baton" Published (1922); Juilliard Premieres "Xerxes" (1932); Student Council Presents "On the Town" (1963); JSQ Premieres Carter's Quartet No. 3 (1973)

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Derek Mithaug

Testing, Testing—1, 2, 3

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James Kreger

Harvey Shapiro 1911-2007

3 Tributes to Albert Fuller