Alumni Q&A

Alumni Q&A

Benjamin Laude

Born deaf and mute (he had corrective surgery when he was 3), Jeffrey Biegel defies the conventional mold...more

Emily Regas

Cody Green (’01, dance), who currently plays Riff in the Arthur Laurents revival of "West Side Story," is...more

Ira Rosenblum

In honor of Coming Out Month, The Juilliard Journal asked Macfarlane about his decision to come out in...more

Jane Rubinsky

Martha Hill was responsible for founding and directing three degree-granting college dance programs or departments: at Bennington. N.Y.U.,...more

Jennifer Fuschetti

Emily Regas

One has only to speak to Peter London (Diploma ’87, dance) for a moment to sense a dignity...more

Joey Lico

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton tells The Juilliard Journal about the show’s roots and success.more