Alumni Q&A

Alumni Q&A

Barbara Jöstlein Currie and Michelle Reed Baker

Barbara Jöstlein Currie

Assistant horn professor Michelle Reed Baker discusses her 18 years playing with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.more
Etienne Charles

K. Leander Williams

Trumpeter and voice of Caribbean culture Etienne Charles returns to Juilliard to lead the Jazz Orchestra in music...more
Chris Myers

Emily Werne

Juilliard alum Chris Myers talks about his miniseries 'Guap,' Kickstarter luck, and why kindness is king.more
Molly Yeh and her book "Molly on the Range"

Molly Yeh

Percussion alum Molly Yeh jumps in a time machine to talk with her freshman self and whip up...more
Deborah Allton-Maher

Charles Sheek

Juilliard dance alum Deborah Allton-Maher says being a lawyer and AGMA exec has merged every facet of her...more
Martha Clarke, Ze’eva Cohen, Lourdes Puerollano

Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

Multidisciplinary choreographer-director Martha Clarke on her influences, and the artistic foundation she began to establish at Juilliard.more
John Farmanesh-Bocca

Christopher Herbert

Juilliard directing alum John Farmanesh-Bocca's company, Not Man Apart, frequently stages plays about war and the military. more
Emily Walsh

Christopher Herbert

Versatility and communication are among the skills that helped Juilliard dancer Emily Walsh become a McKinsey consultant.more
Brad Segal

Edward Sien

After Juilliard, Brad Segal’s classical piano, improvisation, and tech skills got him work writing jingles and then TV...more
Joseph Alessi, Gino Cioffi

Barbara Jöstlein Currie

Metropolitan Orchestra hornist and Juilliard alum Barbara Jöstlein Currie interviews faculty member Joseph Alessi, whose parents met at...more
Rina Schenfeld as Pina Bausch

Hilary Tanabe

Juilliard dance alumna Rina Schenfeld created a one-woman show about her late classmate and friend Pina Bausch. more
Adam Schoenberg

Evan Fein

Embracing lyricism and a cinematic sweep, Adam Schoenberg’s engaging, challenging music has found eager champions and audiences.more
Susanna Phillips

Lisa Houston

Juilliard alum Susanna Phillips is taking her ascendancy in the operatic world in stride.more
Takehiro Ueyama

Rachel Straus

Juilliard alum Takehiro Take Ueyama switched from baseball dreams to a successful dance career before becoming a choreographer.more
Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Angie Zhang

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou’s recording of the Beethoven Violin Concerto symbolizes the freedom her parents didn’t have in China.more
Jeffrey Thomas

Edward Sien

Tenor Jeffrey Thomas didn’t intend to become a conductor, but he hasn’t looked back since he made the...more
Tod Machover’s Death and the Powers

Evan Fein

M.I.T.’s Tod Machover chatted about his Juilliard days, his multifaceted career, and his vision for music’s relationship with...more

Yassmeen Abdulhamid

Most Juilliard alums are of necessity pretty single-minded, but Arielle Rodgers has had dual identities—in music and fashion—since...more
Balaz Rumy

Zachary Hann

When he gives his debut recital at Carnegie Hall, Balazs Rumy will embrace his past and his future.more
Bradon McDonald

Susan Jackson

Dance alum and "Project Runway" contestant Bradon McDonald on dance, fashion, and popping the question on prime-time TV.more
Rebecca Lazier

Ingrid Kapteyn

Lazier calls her class the Mutt Generation: “We patched together all kinds of projects before we found our...more
Rondi Charleston

Susan Jackson

Rondi Charleston, who studied drama and then voice at Juilliard, is now a jazz singer.more
Nadia Sirota

Molly Yeh

Nadia Sirota (B.M. ’04, M.M. ’06, viola) has become one of New York’s biggest new-music fiends.more