February 2008, vol. 23, no. 5

Evan Fein

What do a legendary Spanish rogue, Mozart’s pet bird, the Trojan War, and the sea have in common? ...More
The Juilliard Orchestra will depart on May 26 for a tour of the People’s Republic of China, performing ...More

Chad Cygan

As one of the most beloved, most discussed, and most performed of Mozart’s works, The Magic Flute has ...More
Special Section
Margaret Shakespeare
Ana Valdes-Lim uses a metaphor about small boats in the ocean when she talks about performing arts throughout...More
Mahira Kakkar
To capture the essence of a person is a difficult thing. What is arresting about Eunice Wong (Drama,...More
Heike Currie
One of George Quincy’s boyhood pastimes was to stretch out in a bed of grass and lose himself...More
Emily Regas
One has only to speak to Peter London (Diploma ’87, dance) for a moment to sense a dignity...More

Loren Schoenberg

Maria Schneider has created a jazz oeuvre that is as arresting as it is original. Texture plays a ...More

Ann Miller

The colors, beauty, and grandeur of Utah’s magnificent canyons will light up the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on ...More

George Stelluto

Concert highlights one of Juilliard’s most distinctive and perhaps least understood degree programs.More

Dane Johansen

Professional Mentoring has helped Arcos begin to meet the demands of a competitive market, and has provided guidance ...More

Lisa B. Robinson

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of more than 1,000 donors, Juilliard has raised an impressive sum of approximately ...More

Peter "Finn" Wittrock

With a cast of 18, a grand sweep of mythic history, and a body-count that rivals many of ...More

Paul Kwak

"I never, ever intended to go into singing," says Katherine Whyte, who will present the Alice Tully Vocal ...More

Peter Mazza

Far from home: A jazz student tours Japan.More
Mahira Kakkar

Eunice Wong: A Multiplicity of Perspectives

Heike Currie

George Quincy: Finding a Native Voice

Emily Regas

Q&A With Peter London

Shalita Grant

Stop the Stereotypes!

James DePreist

Orchestral Colors

Rubinstein at Juilliard

Deb Lapidus

Nona Shengelaia

Bruce Hodges

Juilliard on Three Continents

Greta Berman

Up in the Clouds: Kenro Izu's Photos of Bhutan

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Fuchs Recital (1919); Juilliard to Join Lincoln Center (1957); Tudor's "Sleeping Beauty" (1961)

Lauren Gordon

Preparing for the Big-Picture Career

Student-Faculty News February 2008

In Memoriam February 2008

Julie Landsman

Jerome Ashby 1956-2007

Jessica Love

John Cage Composes a Love Song