February 2016, vol. 31, no. 5

Marshall Gilkes Album Cover

Joshua Simka

Juilliard was well-represented among this year’s Grammy nomineesMore
Joel Krosnick receives medal

Joel Krosnick

Joel Krosnick looks back on winding up 42 years in the Juilliard String Quartet, “the longest period of ...More
Calisto scenery

Joshua Simka

Cavalli’s opera ‘Calisto’ is full of gorgeous music and hilarious comedy and the sexiest masterpiece of the 17th ...More
NOLA 10th Anniversary

Dylan Moore

The world needs the soothing and forceful hands, minds, and hearts of the artist.More
Drama students look at costume sketches

Susan Jackson

To dream up the set for the rep, we look for the plays’ common threads to locate the ...More
Jaap van Zweden

Ira Rosenblum

Juilliard alumnus Jaap van Zweden will be the next music director of the New York Philharmonic, the orchestra ...More
Joyce DiDonato and Samantha Hankey

Jessica Epps

Mezzo Joyce DiDonato to Juilliard students: musicians’ holy grail is to simplify, let the music speak for itself, ...More
Monica Huggett

Monica Huggett

Mendelssohn? Baroque? Actually this Romantic composer's work is deeply rooted in the Baroque tradition, as Juilliard415's concert will ...More
Hyesang Park
Prepping for the Met Opera-Juilliard production of Bellini’s “La sonnambula,” a “crown jewel of bel canto style.”More

Benjamin Sosland

Juilliard415 patron: "I don't know why we use these new instruments when the old ones sound so good.” ...More
AJ Nilles and Adam Meyer

Max Tan

Berlin Phil’s AJ Nilles to Juilliard students: “Use your instincts and don’t be afraid to take your own ...More

Donald Krishnaswami

Juilliard alum Don Krishnaswami had a strange request: could he compose a piece for prehistoric instruments? More
Seymour Lipkin and Rui Shi

Jerome Lowenthal

Juilliard faculty member Jerome Lowenthal remembers Seymour Lipkin, his former mentor and longtime colleague and friend.More

Susan Jackson

Evening Division faculty member Gilbert Kaplan, a publisher and economist who turned himself into a conductor and Mahler ...More
Daniel Ferro

Joshua Simka

Juilliard voice faculty member Daniel Ferro died November 18, 2015.More
Special Section
Evan Fein
January marks the beginning of a collaboration between the Lucerne Festival Academy—a workshop for the intensive study of...More
Pierre Boulez
Ara Guzelimian
On April 19, David Robertson conducts the Juilliard Orchestra in a celebration of Pierre Boulez's 90th birthday. More
Ted Goldman
Eyes misled ears on the evening of October 21 in Budapest. More
Time Capsule: Boulez visits Juilliard
Juilliard Archives
Pierre Boulez, Vincent Persichetti, Stanley Wolfe, and Joseph Polisi at a 1986 master class at Juilliard.More
Hannah Rose Caton

The Value of Giving Thanks

Chicago Trip; Why Bach?; Programs Online

Deborah Lapidus

Richard Girtain

Juilliard's Military Connections

The Latest From Faculty, Staff, and Students February 2016

J.S.Q. Reception and Other Gatherings

Process and Reflection

Remembering Members of the Juilliard Community