February 2017, vol. 32, no. 5

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Juilliard students share audition stories. Their tips? triple-check everything, perform your heart out, plan something fun afterward and ...More
John Adams

Joshua Simka

The ‘sonic glue’ that binds works by John Adams and Pierre Boulez in an upcoming AXIOM concert is ...More
Jordi Savall
A new master class season begins with Jordi Savall; honoring a staffer’s longtime service; the Pre-College Orchestra gives ...More
Laurence Cummings

Thomas May

In Handel's rarely heard 'Agrippina'—being performed by Juilliard Opera—the Devil gets the best tunes.More
Medina Senghore and Orlando Pabotoy

Medina Senghore

Eric Harper

Justin Cunningham

Juilliard actors interview directors about the trickiness of race, memory, and whether miracles can exist. More
Robert Levin

Paul Thomason

Robert Levin on how—and why—he completed the Mozart Requiem.More
Ghosts of Versailles

Joshua Simka

Juilliard was well represented among 2017 Grammy winners.More
K. Leander Williams

Alumni Q&A With Etienne Charles

Thomas May

Spotlight on Jay Campbell

Glimpses of Some Recent Alums February 2017

Staffer Honored; A Pre-College First

Robert Warner

Dutch Treat

The Latest from Faculty, Staff, and Students February 2017

Susan Jackson

Audition Tips; On Controversy

Help in Haiti, Mueller, and More

Wayne Oquin

Tena Bailey

First Look, A Soprano's Journey, and More

Jeni Dahmus Farah

John Adams Through the Years at Juilliard

Upcoming Alumni and Membership Events February 2017

Remembering Members of the Juilliard Community