February 2009, vol. 24, no. 5

Jonathan Estabrooks

After nearly 40 years of curtain calls, standing ovations, and gala soirees, Alice Tully Hall, an iconic landmark ...More

Benjamin Sosland

In a robust and wide-ranging career, Ara Guzelimian has worn many hats: concert producer, writer and critic, lecturer, ...More
Special Section
Margaret Shakespeare
Many Juilliard graduates have started performance companies, become producers or entrepreneurs. It begs the question: How—and why—did they...More
Natasha Roja
Mahira Kakkar
The current president of The Juilliard School has always wanted his graduates to be flag bearers of artistic...More
Chelsea Ainsworth
Hearing that Wally Cardona was to be the guest artist at a Lunch With an Alum on November...More

Evan Fein

Though a performing arts career often requires the wearing of many hats, composer, educator, and administrator Bruce MacCombie ...More

Geoffrey Murphy

This month, the cycle reaches its long-awaited conclusion with "The Greeks, Part Three: The Gods," featuring the actors ...More
Barack Obama's election was a turning point in American history. What led up to this moment? How did ...More

On "Klinghoffer"; Keep the Government Out of Marriages

Daniel Druckman

L.E. Howell

Bruce Hodges

Modern Trios and Romantic Duos

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Nadia Boulanger Lectures (1939); Williams's "The Rose Tattoo" (1976); Focus: '60s Revisited (1989)

Greta Berman

Exploring the Joys and Sorrows of the Russian Jewish Theater

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