April 2012, vol. 27, no. 7

Zachary Green

Only a few pianists have the artistic and technical mastery to win the coveted William Petschek Recital Award, ...More

Susan Jackson

Articles about Guettel inevitably describe her multitasking, and little wonder. She’s had careers as a composer, author, screenwriter, ...More

Jude Ziliak

On April 29, 214 years to the day after Haydn’s "Creation" was premiered, Juilliard and Yale musicians will ...More

Joel Sachs

This school year’s final N.J.E. concert features world premieres by current composition students Sun-Young Park and Wei-Chieh Lin, ...More

Tanya Dusevic Witek

Edward Bilous, longtime chair of the L&M department, is the recipient of this year’s William Schuman Scholar’s Chair. ...More

Max Woertendyke

Una Chaudhuri, professor of English, drama, and environmental studies at N.Y.U., is at the forefront of an area ...More

Molly Yeh

When horn faculty member Jerome Ashby (B.M. ’77, French horn) died in 2007 after a prolonged battle with ...More

Victoria Murray Brand

In the College Division there are 29 new scholarships, plus three in Pre-College and one each in the ...More
Carolyn Sebron

Q&A With Noah Stewart

Susan Jackson

Eli Hollander: Horn Player-Turned-Filmmaker

Who's In This Mystery Photo?

Patrick McGuire

Engaging in Cultural Diplomacy

Molly Yeh

In the Scene Shop

Robert White

Yoko Anderson

Maria Im

If you could take one day off from your discipline, what would you do?

Bruce Hodges

Juilliard Grammy Winners, on CD and DVD

Greta Berman

The Dutch and the Art of Close Observation

Jeni Dahmus Farah

"Abu Hassan" (1920); Juilliard Civilian Defense Council (1942); Limón’s "Waldstein Sonata" (1975) Fischerova Plays (1994)

The Latest on Faculty, Staff, and Students April 2012

Recent Deaths in the Juilliard Community

Ethel Winter 1924-2012

Angela Contreras Reyes

Easter Time