November 2008, vol. 24, no. 3

Jane Rubinsky

Nick Eanet, a co-concertmaster of the Met Opera Orchestra, has been chosen to replace Joel Smirnoff as the ...More

ToniMarie Marchioni

In what James Conlon calls an “experiment in opera theater,” a production of three rarely-heard one-act Russian operas.More
The critical issues that influenced voters’ decisions in the 2008 presidential election will no doubt remain foremost on ...More
Leonard Bernstein

Evan Fein

As part of the citywide Leonard Bernstein celebration, Alan Gilbert, music director designate of the New York Philharmonic, ...More

Joanne Tucker

"Burn This," like life and a lot of art, refuses to offer any concrete conclusions and its ending ...More

Adam Driver

Seats were filled in the Stephanie P. McClelland Drama Theater one September afternoon by veterans of two worlds. ...More

Joel Sachs

I am always amazed by the widespread prejudice that new music must be weird. Even when weirdness was ...More

Emily Regas

Choreographer and Juilliard alum Lar Lubovitch remains a prolific creator of new works that speak to the here ...More

Elizabeth McPherson

Ethel Winter receives the Martha Hill Dance Fund Lifetime Achievement Award for her multifaceted dedication to the dance ...More

Jacob Nissly

Axiom presented a version of last year’s Beyond the Machine (B.T.M.) 8.0 concert titled “The Art of the ...More

Vivian Fung

Our world is continually getting smaller and smaller. The surge of Internet use in our daily lives and ...More

Vicky U. Lee

After months of drilling, banging, sawing, and painting, the School’s new June Noble Larkin Lobby was officially unveiled ...More

Mari Kimura

Max Mathews was one of the first people in the world to think, “What if we used computers ...More

Joey Lico

The Open Studio-Classroom-Production program, which began in October, provides students, staff, and faculty members an opportunity to visit ...More
Jamée Ard

Q&A With Ethel

Mahira Kakkar

Leigh McCloskey: Riding the Waves of Possibility

Bruce Hodges

Monumental Beethoven and Piano Arcana

Jeni Dahmus Farah

Rachmaninoff Recital at Juilliard (1931); Flentrop Organ Dedicated (1969); Rochberg's Symphony Premieres (1970); Dance Ensemble Fetes Mozart at 200 (1991)

Mari Kimura

Lee Cioppa

Greta Berman

Darkness Illuminated in the Art of Van Gogh

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